Top 6++ Best WordPress Real Estate Themes

WordPress real estate themes - Today's tendency is to build real estate websites using the WordPress platform. To attract clients, a website must display professionalism, dependability, and a user-friendly layout. As a result, Bestaustralia has produced a list of the top 6 most popular WordPress real estate themes, which is available today for you to browse and pick from.


What Are WordPress Real Estate Themes?

Real estate web design is a comprehensive website design solution that assists individuals and businesses in establishing a recognized and professional trading floor. Every individual or real estate company requires a website for marketing, advertising, and marketing products and services, where customers can communicate directly with businesses without going through an intermediary, assisting businesses in better approaching potential customers, understanding, and satisfying customers in the shortest amount of time. WordPress real estate themes are accessible on Themeforest to meet the above needs and to address any difficulties as quickly as possible.

Criteria To Choose The Best WordPress Real Estate Themes?

The modern WordPress real estate themes need to meet the following criteria:

  • WordPress real estate themes with responsive web design should be chosen. These types of websites will be more user-friendly providing a better user experience and making SEO easier.
  • A gorgeous, feature-rich interface should be chosen for the WordPress real estate themes. WordPress installation services are offered for a quick and free setup. Customers will trust and sympathize with you if you have a beautiful interface. Showing the professionalism of the unit that provides real estate products in particular.
  • To make website maintenance and data changes easier, the WordPress real estate theme should be designed on PHP programming language and MySQL database management system.

Top 6 Best WordPress Real Estate Themes 2021?

Currently, there are so many WordPress real state themes, which makes you confused to choose. Don’t worry, the best credible websites supplying the best WordPress real estate themes below will suggest you the best choices.

RealHomes - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

First on the list of the best WordPress real estate themes is RealHomes. On ThemeForest, the RealHomes theme is touted as the #1 theme in the real estate sector. It offers a lot of features oriented for real estate businesses, and it also works with page builder plugins, allowing you to simply alter page layouts. It's also responsive and looks great on both mobile and desktop. You can choose from various preset examples with the RealHomes theme. All of the demos are designed in a contemporary style and are simple to edit. You may import the demos with a single click, and the import procedure will also install all of the plugins required for the demo to function properly.

WordPress real estate themes


You can quickly highlight featured listings and allow guests to search for rentals by location. Each rental ad might include information such as the number of rooms available, the price per night, and other pertinent information. The theme has a variety of header layouts. You can quickly switch between different layouts and, as a result, various aspects. While the layouts are appealing, it would be wonderful if the theme allowed for custom header and footer creation, as some other themes do. The header layouts, on the other hand, are nice and modern, with enough variety to make the entire design look polished and professional.


Houzez - WordPress Real estate Themes

Next on the list of the best WordPress real estate themes is Houzez. The Houzez real estate theme is a versatile and adaptable theme for creating property-related websites. The theme comes with a variety of demos that allow you to quickly create stunning and feature-rich WordPress websites. The theme is simple to use and customize, as well as being incredibly adaptable. As a result, you don't need any technical knowledge to utilize this theme and build a website on your own. The Houzez WordPress Real Estate theme is one of the most popular. It's also really versatile.

WordPress real estate themes


This theme has 16 pre-built demos to help you get started quickly with your website. All of these demonstrations can assist you in creating unique and totally customizable websites for any real estate topic. Because different users have different preferences, this theme allows you to customize the look of your website. The options offered are as follows. This Houzez theme demo is one of the greatest choices for your professional real estate website because maps make it easy to find real estate websites. The map header is attractive and helps the site's usability. If you wish to maintain the maps in the front, this is the design to choose.


MyHome - Real Estate WordPress

MyHome is one of the best WordPress real estate themes. MyHome is a responsive theme. As a result, your users will be able to visit your site without difficulty via their smartphones or tablets wherever they are as long as they have a connection to the internet. This is particularly useful given that mobile devices now account for the majority of internet traffic. The globe has genuinely become a global village as a result of these developments.

WordPress real estate themes


MyHome's design is truly responsive and Retina-ready. The site's content (pictures, animations, etc.) adapts properly to the size of the device. The navigation is fluid, and the graphics are well pixelated. The WordPress theme MyHome, which is focused on real estate, comes with various pre-built demos and ready-to-use homepages. Depending on the demos, the design changes. Some are extremely traditional, while others are more lively and contemporary. Regardless, they are all lovely and immerse you in the world of real estate.


Realtyspace - WordPress Real estate Themes

Referring to the best WordPress real estate themes, we can not miss Realtyspace. Realtyspace is a theme designed to promote your online real estate business; as a result, your users must be able to use your services and products on mobile devices. We were able to validate that this theme works properly on a smartphone or tablet thanks to the Mobile-Friendly Test site. We ran additional tests on a variety of devices, including the iPad. The theme works flawlessly, with a stunning rendering and excellent smoothness. The design is fully responsive and compatible with Retina displays. It adjusts to any device's size.

WordPress real estate themes


The Realtyspace theme has a clean and professional appearance. The good news is that it works well with a real estate-related website. A home icon is displayed during the loading of the website before it opens, and it comes alive while you wait. The dominating colors (white and blue) add a serious dimension to the page and underline its professional vibe. You can customize the welcome graphic according to your preferences. There is a variety of them.


WpEstate - WordPress Real Estate Themes

Next on the list of the best WordPress real estate themes is WpEstate. Wp Estate makes a fresh and fully responsive design available to you. Your users will be able to utilize their mobile devices to view your website (smartphones, tablets). This is a significant benefit because virtually everyone nowadays wants to work with this type of gadget because it allows us to move around with it, whether for business or leisure. This theme is also compatible with Retina displays. Everything changes to the size of the screen to fit properly, including the text, image size, pixelation, and typeface. You can easily twist your smartphone horizontally to alter the direction of the site.

WordPress real estate themes


If you want to attract and retain as many visitors as possible, then don't skimp on design. We're talking about real estate here. And it appears that Wp Estate's author has not been easy on this level. We'll focus on only one of the prebuilt demos, "Milano," because it has a lot of them. It's a demonstration that, as the name implies, focuses on real estate in Milan.


Reales WP - WordPress Real Estate Themes

Ending the list of the best WordPress real estate themes is Reales WP. Reales WP is a premium WordPress real estate theme that features a modern, clean, intuitive, and completely responsive design that looks great on any tablet or mobile device. Front-end property submission and editing, advanced autocomplete search, Google Maps integration, Advanced Properties filter, Useful shortcodes, Custom colors, Login with Facebook and Google accounts, Front-end agents registration, Add properties to favorites, and much more are just a few of the features.

WordPress real estate themes


The imagery, colors, and information supplied, among other things, indicate that it is a real estate theme. It's also critical for your users to have a sense of the niche you're targeting right away. It enables you to swiftly zero in on your target market and boost the likelihood of retaining potential customers. The theme comes with a plethora of real estate-related features. These capabilities will primarily enable you to emphasize your products and services, such as using the poster design to entice clients to click on offers.

Hopefully, the guide helped you to get interesting information about the best WordPress real estate themes. To build the best website, don’t forget to choose the top 6 WordPress real estate themes mentioned above.

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