Best Tips For Water Filter Repair In Australia

Water filter repair in Australia – If a water filter is properly maintained, it can operate for a long time with no problems. Other concerns that can occur after a few years of using a water filter include strange taste, strange odor, noisy faucet, and poor water supply. In this article, we’ve outlined the most frequent water filter issues, as well as their solutions to water filter repair, so you can quickly detect and resolve the issue.

The Most Common Water Filter Problems And Solutions 

In comparison to tap water, using a water filter is a healthy way to obtain a level of water purity that is suitable for drinking and cooking. It flushes out contaminants and removes undesirable pollutants from tap water. However, there are a few frequent issues with water purifiers that can be resolved with water filter repair.

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Unusual Taste Or Smell From The Water Purifier

It’s possible that a biofilm has grown in one or more sections of your water purifier, resulting in water with an unusual odor or taste. As a result, the number of pollutants in the water increases. Any blocked filters or the membrane should be replaced as soon as possible. Check to see if the water’s taste or aroma has improved once the filters and membrane have been replaced. Make careful to replace the filters every 12 months for water filter repair.

If the purifier’s water tastes slightly salty, it’s because salt and other particles have dissolved in the water. To remove these particles from the water, the water purifier must be fully functional. If the water from your purifier tastes saltier than usual, you should have it checked and cleaned by a professional. This technique should be repeated every six months for water filter repair.

Slow Water Flow From The Water Purifier

It’s either because you have low volume or low water pressure if your water purifier releases cleaned water slowly and only fills half the glass at a time. To work properly, a water filter requires a minimum pressure of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch. This problem could potentially be caused by a malfunction in the purifier’s water storage tank. The water storage tank of the purifier has an air bladder that allows it to release water swiftly. The higher the pressure, the more water there is.

If the bladder leaks, it may not be able to provide enough release pressure, resulting in poor water flow from the water purifier’s faucet. It’s also possible that the cartridges in the water filter have become blocked as a result of the high sediment concentration, resulting in delayed water production. If the filters become clogged, have them replaced by a professional water purifier service technician for water filter repair.

Unusual Noises From The Water Filter

The air being pushed out of the system causes a weird noise from the faucet of your water purifier, especially after replacing the filters and membrane. A fluctuation in water pressure within the system could also be to blame. If the noise persists after replacing the filter, see a professional ensure that the tubing was installed correctly. If the water tank’s valve isn’t correctly closed, the noise could occur for water filter repair.

Leaking Water From The Purifier

If the purifier’s faucet is constantly leaking water, it’s likely that a component isn’t properly installed. To correct the problem, locate the ill-fitting part and replace it or tighten it. A worn-out O-ring could be the cause of the same issue in the water purifier’s filter or membrane. An O-ring is a rubber ring that prevents water from seeping out of a component.

Call a service engineer for water filter repair if the water purifier is leaking water from the faucet, filter, or membrane. Make sure the valve is properly closed and the O-rings are in good condition. If the O-ring is fractured or in poor condition, it must be replaced with a tight fit.

Water Tank Does Not Fill Up 

Another typical issue with many water purifiers is that the water storage tank does not get entirely filled. This is owing to the purifier’s extremely low water pressure. To work properly, a water purifier requires a minimum pressure of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch. If the water pressure is less than 40 PSI, you’ll need to boost it, which you may do with the help of a water pump for the water filter repair.

A faulty RO membrane could potentially be to blame for the water tank not being entirely filled. The semipermeable RO membrane is a barrier that enables just water molecules to pass through to the other side while preventing pollutants such as dust, debris, viruses, and bacteria from passing through, resulting in clean and safe drinking water. The water filtration process slows down and the water quality declines when the membrane becomes blocked after a few months of use. Therefore, contact with the technician for the water filter repair.

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Best Tips For Water Filter Repair to Maintain It Last Longer

A reverse osmosis system is the most effective way to purify water. It reverses the osmosis process using the principle of osmosis. They can be permanent at times, and replacing the entire system would be ineffective. Besides the water filter repair, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for keeping your water filter in good working order.

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Regular Filter Changes

After around 3 months, a RO purifier’s filter needs to be replaced for the water filter repair. The reason for this is because water impurities clog the filters after a short period of time. The filtration capacity of the water purifier and the quality of the water will be harmed if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Impurities are transferred to the water you consume if you continue to use filters without changing them. Because RO water purifiers include at least three to twelve purification stages, it’s critical to change the filter on a frequent basis.

Cleaning and sanitization 

The water purifier must be thoroughly cleaned by professionals for the water filter repair, as the system could be wrecked if the RO tank is disconnected. Your water purifier should be sanitized and recharged once a year at the absolute least. If you prefer to do it manually, specific sanitization kits are also available and can be acquired through various internet sites.

Installing a softener for extra efficient functioning 

Because RO membranes are sensitive in the presence of water-hardening minerals like calcium and magnesium, softeners perform well with water purifier systems. Softener, when used in conjunction with a RO membrane, protects and extends the life of the membrane. In your own home, you might notice the corrosion caused by hard water. It can be tough to install softeners since you need to know where to put them. Professionals are usually necessary to complete this process, which necessitates a significant amount of plumbing because the softeners must be installed at the point where the water enters your home.

Keeping the exteriors of the water purifier clean

You should clean your system for the water filter repair every 12 to 15 years to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Using soapy water from the outside of the water purifier on a regular basis would also suffice. Also, make sure you clean the tap that is connected to the water purifier on a regular basis.

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How To Choose The Best Water Filter For Your Home: RO or UV Water Filter

Choosing a good water purifier is extremely important to help you protect the health of your family every day. Many people wonder whether to choose an RO or UV water purifier for their homes. Let’s find the best choice with the notes below.

RO Water Filter

The advantage of RO water purifiers is that they generate a lot of pressure in order to extract heavy minerals and salts from the water. By driving water across a synthetic membrane, TDS levels in the water are reduced. These purifiers are perfect for usage during the monsoon season when the water quality is less than optimum.

UV Water Filter

UV water purifiers eliminate bacteria and microorganisms in the water by emitting UV rays. UV water purifiers require annual replacement for optimal performance in terms of maintenance. However, there is no guarantee that the UV light would continue to disinfect the water thoroughly after a year. UV purifiers are more often utilized in Indian homes because they are less expensive and still produce safe drinking water. UV purifiers range in price from Rs 6,500 to Rs 15,000 in India. You may learn more about UV water purifiers, including how they operate, how much they cost to maintain, and their benefits and drawbacks.

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To keep your water purifier in good working order for as long as possible, it must be maintained properly and on a regular basis. However, most customers are too preoccupied with their life to remember when to have their water purifier serviced. As a result, take note of the suggestions for the water filter repair in this article to extend the life of your water filter.

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Top Best address to Water filter repair near me

1. Water filter repair in Queensland

Water Filter World Australia

  • Address : 6/165 Oxley Station Rd, Brisbane QLD 
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1800 217 726

Pure Water Systems (Aust.)

  • Address : 27 Leda Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Website : 
  • Phone number  : 1300 808 966

Filter Systems Australia

  • Address : 1/38 Jade Dr, Molendinar QLD 4214
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61755974585

Great Water Filters North Lakes QLD

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 137 011

Awesome Water® Filters QLD – Water Filter, Water Purifier, Water Cooler

  • Address :  #2/100 Park Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1800 886 819

Sentry Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Sunshine Coast

  • Address : Shop 4 East Alamode, 13 Newspaper Pl, Maroochydore QLD 4558
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61754510009

Splish Water Filters + Reverse Osmosis Sunshine Coast

  • Address : 4/13 Newspaper Pl, Maroochydore QLD 4558
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61754433130

Aqua Fresh Water Purifying Systems

  • Address : 76 Farrington St, Alderley QLD 4051
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61733551591

Aqua One Australia

  • Address : 680 Wynnum Rd, Morningside QLD 4170
  • Website : 
  • Phone number  : +61733957122

2. Water filter repair in Victoria

Water Filtration Systems

  • Address : 29 Drayton St, Sunshine VIC 3020
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61410434558

Great Water Filters Cheltenham

  • Address : Tulip Green Business Center, Suite 201/75 Tulip St, Cheltenham VIC 3192
  • Website :
  • Phone number  :1300 137 011

Filtap Water Filters

  • Address : GV101 8, 350 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 734 156

The Water People

  • Address : factory 12/125 Highbury Rd, Burwood VIC 3125
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61398850222

Crystal Water Pool n Spa

  • Address : Shop 2/1051 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool VIC 3280
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61345052851

Think Water Hastings

  • Address : 2159 Frankston – Flinders Rd, Hastings VIC 3915
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61359797144

HydraSpa Pakenham – Spas, Spa Pools, Pool Shop And Service

  • Address : 3/1225 Koo Wee Rup Rd, Pakenham VIC 3810
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61359409955

Billi Australia Pty Ltd

  • Address : 42 Lucknow Cres, Thomastown VIC 3074
  • Website : 
  • Phone number  : 1800 812 321

Bass Coast Pumps & Electrical

  • Address : 323 White Rd, Wonthaggi VIC 3995
  • Phone number  : +61356724544

3. Water filter repair in New South Wales

Great Water Filters Newcastle NSW

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 137 011

Filpure Water Filtration Systems

  • Address : 28 Nelson St, Fairfield NSW 2165
  • Website :
  • Phone number  :+61297242177

Clean and Clear Water Filters

  • Address : 17 Seddon St, Bankstown NSW 2200
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 733 853
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Weily’s Betta Home Living Orange – Electrical, Fridges and TVs

  • Address : 43 William St, Orange NSW 2800
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61263621523

4. Water filter repair in Tasmania

PSI Water Filters

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61363444635

Tankworld Tasmania

  • Address :  299 Main Rd, Glenorchy TAS 7010
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61362737288

GCP – Grant Chugg Plumbing Services

  • Address : 301 Invermay Rd, Invermay TAS 7248
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61363268780

TASGROW Irrigation & Hothouses

  • Address : 3 Speedway Dr, Latrobe TAS 7307
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61407023700

Appliance Spares Tasmania

  • Address : 5 Wilmot St, South Launceston TAS 7249
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61363318378

5. Water filter repair in South Australia

Great Water Filters Adelaide

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 137 011

Crystal Clear Purification Systems

  • Address : 81 Torrens Rd, Brompton SA 5007
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61883404344

Purifiers Australia

  • Address : 57 Kensington Rd, Norwood SA 5067
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61884314100

Waterways Products Pty Ltd

  • Address : UNIT 8/5-7 Drury Terrace, Clovelly Park SA 5042
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61870898392

The Pure Water Shop

  • Address : 259 Fullarton Rd, Parkside SA 5063
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61883735500

Adelaide Watersmart

  • Address : 1/163 Halifax St, Adelaide SA 5000
  • Website :
  • Phone number  :+61882271800

Puratap Water Filters

  • Address :  34-44 Pedder Cres, Dudley Park SA 5008
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 13 35 02

The Tank Doctor

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61411218323

Freshwater Systems

  • Address : 7-9 Walsh Ave, St Marys SA 5042
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61883517800

Aquatek Plumbing & Gas- Hot Water Repairs | Blocked Drains

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61870792025

Aquatune Pool Supplies

  • Address : 140 Gilles St, Adelaide SA 5000
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61882240344

6. Water filter repair in Western Australia

WA Water Filters – AquaCo

  • Address : Unit 2/44 Hutton St, Osborne Park WA 6017
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61861560220

Great Water Filters Perth

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 137 011

Plumbscan Pty Ltd – Water Filtration Technology

  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61450014185

West Coast Water Filter Man – Water Filters Perth

  • Address : 40 Stewart Rd, High Wycombe WA 6057
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 663 037


  • Address :  207 Railway Rd, Subiaco WA 6008
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61893881622

EnviroClear Water Filters Perth

  • Address : 110 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61862622222

Aussie Natural Filtration

  • Address : 21 Triumph Ave, Wangara WA 6065
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 360 332

7. Water filter repair in Sydney

Filtap Water Filters

  • Address : S 1135, Level/10-11 66 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Website : 
  • Phone number  : 1300 734 156

Great Water Filters Sydney

  • Address : 4/95 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 137 011

Awesome Water® Filters Sydney – Water Filter, Water Purifier, Water Cooler

  • Address : Unit 2/73 Parraweena Rd, Caringbah NSW 2229
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1800 886 819

Tyent Australia – Alkaline Water Ionizer, Machine & Water Filters Sydney, NSW, Australia, NZ

  • Address : 4/19-21 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 665 636

8. Water filter repair in Melbourne

A1 Water Filters

  • Address :  1431 High St, Melbourne VIC 3146
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1300 341 852

Filtap Water Filters

  • Address : GV101 8, 350 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Website : 
  • Phone number  : 1300 734 156

Aeon Water Filters | Water Filtration Systems Melbourne

  • Address : Suite48/296 Bay Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61395858866

CleanPools – Pool Leak Detection Melbourne, Blockages & Water Flow Issues, Pool Maintenance and Pool Equipment

  • Address : Power St, Hawthorn VIC 3122
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : +61409774687

247 Local Plumber Melbourne

  • Website :
  • Phone number  :+61361461512

Hot Water Professionals

  • Address : 4/5 Phillip Ct, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
  • Website :
  • Phone number  : 1800 610 510
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