TOP 5 ++ Trekking Boots For Men In Australia

TREKKING BOOTS FOR MENTo conquer a mountain is not an easy task. You have to walk for days on rocks and or on extreme terrain like in the snow. In order to win such challenges, a good pair of climbing shoes is necessary. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the very best trekking boots available right now, for a range of different needs and budgets.

Specialized climbing shoes are essential when you are going on a trekking or jungle trip. Ordinary sneakers with a sleek look may not make it easy to cross rugged gravel roads or slippery streams. Therefore, when choosing a trekking boots, you should get some notices:

Water resistance

When climbing forests, wading streams, you need a pair of shoes with good waterproof ability. The good quality mountain climbing shoes on the market today are designed with waterproof technology mainly Gore-tex. This is a one-way waterproof technology, preventing water from entering but helping to get rid of sweat and steam from the inside, making the user comfortable and easier to travel.

Anti-slip ability

Good quality climbing shoes will be designed with a rubber sole with a rough surface and very high grip on the road, avoiding the possibility of slippery. The shoe sole is also designed with deep grooves to increase friction and grip. You can try on shoes and move back and forth on the floor, if it is hissing, not smooth, it will be a pretty good friction climbing shoe.


The materials commonly used in the manufacture of climbing shoes such as synthetic material or suede are highly durable, making them comfortable to use. For the inside material of the shoe, most are made up of many layers, with fabric holes to create a smooth, airy for your feet. Because using all day long, the shoe lining must also be elastic, smooth enough, hugging the feet, but not restraining the foot, causing pain and fatigue.


The final advice for you is to choose a shoe size 0.5 to 1 size bigger than your foot than your everyday shoes. Do not choose shoes that are too tight, snugly or too wide, which will affect your movement.



The best trekking boots for causal wanders, who want to conquer the high mountains

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Upper material: Primeknit textileSole type: Continental RubberWaterproof technology: None


+Big eco boost

+Super comfort fit

+Style and substance


-Not waterproof

The new Adidas shoes – Terrex Free Hikers Parley are still made with the basic texture of an ultra-light upper with Boost energy-feedback insole and rubber sole covering at the bottom. However, what is special here is the recycled Parley yarn used on the shoe body. A unique idea that enhances product performance as well as ensures sustainability and demonstrates corporate social responsibility in environmental protection. Just above the Boost is a protective frame in the toebox and heel, which stabilizes the foot during movement. The sockliner shoe collar detail embraces the foot and brings a feeling of lightness and comfort to the person.

Stiffer EVA sections of the sole unit provide stability, while the bulk of the midsole is Adidas’ Boost material that delivers impressive energy return on each stride. Finally the outsole is mounded from grippy Continental rubber, with decent lugs to deal with muddier moments. For stylish boots ready to wear right out of the box, these are well worth a look.

Summary, the Terrex Free Hiker is one of the most stylish shoes in the Adidas modern line-up

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When the going gets tough, these robust boots have your back

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Upper material: Nubuck leather, suede, syntheticSole type: Vibram Trekking SFWaterproof technology: Gore-Tex


+Very robust

+Classic design

The Hanwag Banks SF Extra GTX men’s is a classic-style trekking boot that delivers all that you’d hope for in a robust trekking boot, at a competitive price point and without fuss. The certified sustainable nubuck upper looks the part, as well as having subtle strengthening tricks built in, such as the stitch and turn seams and the cast metal lace hooks that won’t fail under pressure like plastic ones can.

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The toughest trekking boot

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Upper material: Schoeller ceramic-coated fabricSole type: Graphene gripWaterproof technology: Gore-Tex


+Super tough

+Very lightweight


-Might be overkill

For the hardiest hikers, the Inov-8 Roclite Pro G 400 GTX might be the best trekking boot for you. These combine the Graphene outsole found in our number 1 pick (tweaked to add water-dispersion grooves, to make these even gripper on wet ground) with a super-protective Schoeller ceramic-coated fabric upper. The Inov-8 Roclite Pro G 400 GTX bridges the worlds of trail running and trekking hiking, it has the graphene grip outsole incredible, it also has plenty of rear support from the cuff and the plastic elements. Moreover, it has the cushion and flexibility of a trail shoe with plenty of rock protection.

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– UPPER : Water-resistant suede 1,6-1,8 mm + high tenacity nylon.

– LINING : Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear.

– LASTING BOARD : Asoflex 00 SR.


– Optimal combination of breathability and waterproof protection

– Feet stay dry and comfortably cool, even in warm conditions and during extended aerobic activities

– Designed for all activities in moderate to warm conditions, from challenging pursuits to everyday wear

Another midweight trekking boot with a classic silhouette, Asolo is undoubtedly one of the best trekking shoe brands of the last decade. The Falcon GV is a sleek number that is a little lighter than others in the range, copping a more modern aesthetic in the process. Cut slightly below the ankle, the boots are highly comfortable and ready to wear, however, it does come at a cost. The lighter weight means the Falcon GVs have a little less support across the bridge, impacting overall stability. The Asolo Falcon GV is one of the best high-heeled mountain climbing shoes worth buying at the moment, with outstanding advantages – waterproof, comfortable to wear and no blistering when wearing shoes for a long time.

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Ideal for those going on a day-hike or short backpacking trip, the Merrell MOAB 2 trekking boots offer a moderate amount of support with a lightweight design. What makes the MOAB 2 one of the best trekking boots for men is the combination of combat, style, support and most importantly, value. For entry-level hikers, you can score a solid pair of men’s trekking boots that will serve you well on most terrains, however, it is highly recommended that you step up your game and go for the Gore-Tex model. A little more expensive, this option offers a new insole with a higher arch, improved cushioning under the heel and more succinct waterproof upper.

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