5 Best Heater For Baby Room In Australia

Many people, especially young children, are prone to catching a cold when it’s wintertime. During this time, drowning in layers of clothes or curling up in blankets can only work for adults; the babies need more than that – they need a cozy room. That is why choosing the best heater for baby room in Australia is essential. Below are five of the most child-safe heaters to consider.

Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Heater

This heater has many outstanding features, including powder-coated metal housing, responsive sensor, exclusive Vortex Heat Circulation, and a metal inlet that prevents fingers’ poke, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience. It integrates many safety modes, so it will not harm anyone, even the baby. The heater stays cool after many hours of operation and automatically turns off when it is overheated or falls to the floor. 

This machine is so quiet you will barely hear it from a few meters away. Its heating speed is also relatively high, about 5-10 minutes for a small bedroom and roughly 20 minutes for a space that is as large as a kitchen. So, in terms of the best heater for baby room in Australia, this is a reliable choice!


  • Powder-coated steel construction for efficiency and added decoration
  • Signature Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation for uniform warmth distribution
  • Automatically switches off when excessively hot or tipped over
  • Equipped with a convenient handle for easier mobility
  • A metal inlet grill that prevents finger’s intervene, ensuring optimal safety


  • Less warm compared to a fan heater

See more: https://www.amazon.com.au/Vornado-VMH300-Wholeroom-Vortex-Brushed/dp/B07D6KS7H8/

De’Longhi Dragon4 2400W with Timer Oil Column Heater

Thanks to a large radiating surface, this heater emits faster airflow and increases distribution, providing better comfort. The product has a 24-hour timer with 15-minute increments allowing you to set the operating time, both energy-saving and safety-ensuring. Also, the long-term thermal enables warmth to spread throughout the rooms – ideal for spaces under 70m3.

This unit also features many safety patterns such as Low Surface Temperatures, Safety Tilt Switch, or Cool Touch Handle, meaning it will safely sit in the baby’s room and quietly warm your kid’s private space. One noteworthy point is that you should follow instructions to eliminate a brand new product smell for it is ready to run without giving off annoying odors.


  • Adjustable temperature with 3 heat levels
  • Operating time manual settings and delay start/delay stop programs
  • Larger-than-normal radiation surface that emits a faster airflow and increased distribution
  • Comes with snap-lock castors and cord storage for convenience
  • Automatically maintains temperature within ±0.2ºC, providing stable warmth and comfort


  • No Eco Plus function and digital control

See more: https://www.amazon.com.au/DeLonghi-Dragon4-Column-Heater-Manual/dp/B076HM1GN5/

De’Longhi, Portable Convection Heater, 2000W, HCM2030, White

Besides free-standing, this product can be assembled as a wall-mounted heater. Its compact, elegant design will easily blend with other furniture, enhancing the convenience and appearance of your home. This product also has a Tip-Over Switch Safety System for your peace of mind and a handle so you can effortlessly change its position.

The 3-setting thermostat lets you select and maintain your desired temperature to your comfort. This convection heater works by replacing hot air with cooler air and then reheating it. This circulation naturally warms the surrounding area and can be shortened with dual fans. In case you wonder which is the best heater for baby room in Australia, check it out!


  • Compact with only 10 cm depth, fits any corner of the house
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted and 3-level thermostat to select and maintain the desired temperature 
  • A Tip-Over Switch Safety System, Anti-frost function for peace of mind
  • Conveniently-located handles for easy movement around your house
  • Runs in silent and heats the room within minutes


  • The plastic caps are a bit flimsy

See more: https://www.amazon.com.au/DeLonghi-Portable-Electric-Convection-Heater/dp/B001G61H7M/

Electric Fireplace Heater Mess-Free, Smoke-Free 3 Settings 900 watts or 1800 watts The Flame Effect Without Using Any Heat

The product has two main temperature options, 900 watts or 1800 watts. In particular, this heater has a flame effect that features adjustable brightness, bringing a true-to-life experience during wintertime. Thanks to the robust protective glass, it also does not cause burns when accidentally bumped.

It is a standalone fireplace with swinging doors and drawers containing a control panel of heat settings. The unit is covered by jet black cold-rolled steel, bringing an elegant and rustic vibe to your room. Whether a room for an adult or a child, this is a decent electric appliance to prevent overheating, keep the body warm, and turn the bedroom into a cozy retreat.


  • You can set the temperature to 900 watts or 1800 watts
  • Adjustable flame effect for a vivid, true-to-life experience
  • Prevents overheating and has a built-in tip-over switch
  • Safe to touch thanks to a protective glass, minimizing the need for maintenance
  • Swivel doors and drawers for accessing the temperature control panel
  • The black cold-rolled steel finish brings elegance to any space of the house


  • Expensive

See more: https://www.amazon.com.au/Electric-Fireplace-Mess-Free-Smoke-Free-Settings/dp/B08YK4WPSL/

De’Longhi Oil Column Heater 2400W with Fan & Timer

Like other DeLonghi oil column heaters, this product integrates castors to provide easy portability and built-in wire storage for convenience. The specially designed thermal slots help to promote heat distribution through convection air movement for assured safety. It also allows you to set the desired temperature with 3-level heat settings.

This convector heater comes with a 500W fan heater to evenly distribute warm air around the room. It helps save installation costs, is highly versatile, and is suitable for many circumstances. If you love the best heater for baby room in Australia, do not miss this!


  • Comes with an extra fan to ensure even room temperature
  • Thermal slots utilizing convective air movement to boost heat distribution
  • Saves energy with 24H Timer
  • The rounded design and touch handle for added safety, easy to move with snap-lock wheels
  • Stops when detecting excessive heat or falling over


  • Slow heating speed

See more: https://www.amazon.com.au/DeLonghi-Column-Heater-Timer-2400W/dp/B076HN5RTL/

Our top pick

These heaters have won the hearts of many families, as they are suitable for warming bedrooms. In our opinion, the best heater for baby room in Australia would be the De’Longhi Oil Column Heater 2400W with Fan & Timer. This product is especially suitable for young children thanks to its safety features, ease of use, and decent warming function without the risk of overheating. However, all mentioned products will be wise choices as long as you have deliberated on them.

Best for Australia
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