Top 5++ Best Dash Cams Under $100 In Australia

Best dash cams under $100 in Australia – Dash camera is a favorite device for young people used for long trips to retain memories. The device is also used by drivers to record their journeys. Because of the increasing demand, dash camera products are popular making buyers confused to choose. Therefore, let’s refer to the 5 best dash cams under $100 in Australia for the best choices.


Like conventional cameras, dash cams have the basic functions of recording videos and sounds while we’re in traffic. At the same time, images are transmitted directly to the driver’s smartphone via wireless waves. In fact, dash cams offer a lot of useful functions for drivers. Therefore, all cars are equipped with this type of device.

In order for dashcam to work, we need to install and connect their parts together. The camera eye will capture images of our journeys in front of the car or behind the car. Through the connections, the images will be transmitted to the monitor for the driver to observe.

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Types Of The Dash Camera

There are three types of dash cameras for users.

  • SD camera
  • Connected camera
  • External camera
  • Camera for trucks
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5 Best Dash Cams Under $100 In Australia

Below are the 5 best dash cams under $100 in Australia highly recommended for you. With 5 dishwashers, you can have a safer journey. Considering carefully, you will find out the best choices.

Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam

best dash cams under $100 in Australia

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With a limited price, Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini is known as one of the best dash cams under $100 in Australia. It attracts buyers in small, elegant, and extremely stealthy forms. Therefore, you only watch the video via the smartphone with wifi or by transferring the memory card. You can rotate the dashcam 360 degrees around its lateral axis, so it’s easy to record the interior of the car. The camera will lock the relevant video files automatically in the case of an accident. Like all dash cams, it also supports loop recording with auto on/off.

Rexing V1 Basic Dash Cam

best dash cams under $100 in Australia

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Finally. To end the list of the best dash cams under $100 in Australia, let’s get some information about Rexing V1 Basic Dash Cam. it has a compact design, the ability to record 1080 / 30 fps video thanks to Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor, and captures very well at night. The Rexing V1 has a mode to automatically lock video files when the collision sensor detects an accident. This means that video files recorded cannot be automatically deleted unless the user manually deletes them on the memory card.


best dash cams under $100 in Australia

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With a sleek and luxurious design, TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam is the perfect choice for the best dash cams under $100 in Australia. It attracts buyers by some features such as loop recording, gravity sensor, 24 hours parking monitoring, motion detection, and high resolution. It has a broader field of view with 170° wide-angle monitoring 3 lanes of traffic ahead and capturing more view of the surrounding and reduces blind spots. Therefore, it ensures safety when driving. 


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APEMAN Dual Dash Cam 

best dash cams under $100 in Australia

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APEMAN Dual Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams under $100 in Australia. It has a sharp full HD resolution and dual 170° ultra-wide-angle lenses which provides outstanding image quality with a broader field of vision. In low light conditions, the dashcam still captures the finest details with an advanced Starvis sensor, WDR technology, and F1.8 large aperture. G-sensor support to save video evidence of collisions, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, and so on. The waterproof rear cam helps you enjoy the journey completely inside or outside the car.


APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 

best dash cams under $100 in Australia

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Continuing with a product from the APEMAN brand, APEMAN Mini Dash Cam is known as one of the best dash cams under $100 in Australia. It has a lightweight and mini design which is convenient and easy to use. It also has high resolution with 1080 full HD and a super night version. Equipped with a wide-angle camera of 170°, the dashcam captures every detail on the way. With 24/7 Reassuring all-weather monitoring, it automatically starts recording when detecting a collision or shakes and providing you with security every moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions about the best dash cams under $100 in Australia you can not miss. Following these answers can help you to use them most effectively.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the dashcam?


  • Evidence: it will support evidence if you are involved in a car accident or witness one. They can be used to prevent future accidents by reporting dangerous and reckless drivers.
  • Reduced insurance premiums: A dash cam can give you benefits with cost-effectiveness as a driver such as lower insurance premiums. Some insurers offer a discount if you state that you have a dashcam fitted in your car.
  • Encourage safe driving: The dashcam can be used for safe driving and punish dangerous habits behind the wheel. It also alerts the drivers using one to make better decisions.


  • Distraction: Because they are positioned on the windscreen or dashboard, their appearance can create a blind spot while driving. 
  • Theft: Dashcams are positioned in plain sight of passers-by, which could attract car theft. The 12v socket powering them can be easily dismounted.
  • Potential to invade privacy: During the video recording, some footage accidentally gets caught in your camera. When you upload these videos online without the permission of some of the people appearing in the video, it is considered an infringement of privacy.

Which brand of dashcams should we choose to buy?

There are many dashcams brands for buyers to choose from. Therefore, some top brands are suggested such as Garmin, Rexing USA, VanTop, and Anker. 

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the guide helped you to get interesting information about the best dash cams under $100 in Australia. To have a safe journey, don’t forget to choose the best dash cams under $100 in Australia in Australia we mentioned above.

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