The Best Cross Training Shoes For Women To Start Your Fitness Journey in Australia

Best Cross Training Shoes For Women in Australia – The best cross training shoes for women are great helpers if chosen wisely. Below is a list of 5 best cross trainers we think are perfect for women.

For footwear, it is always better to go to a specialty store and try on various items until you find the perfect pair. This is particularly important for choosing cross training shoes, as you need to make sure they are up-to-standard and assure no undesirable injuries. Having said that, many find it hard to hit physical stores in times of pandemic. That is why below is our list of 5 best cross training shoes for women which can expedite your shopping process.

Product Breakdown

PUMA Weave XT WN’s Women’s Fitness & Cross Training Shoes

PUMA is always on top of the list when it comes to athletic shoes. The brand is not only synonymous with innovative designs but also admired for the demeanors they put into technological advancements.

Inspired by boxing, the PUMA Weave XT features a braided midsole that promises a feeling of extra self-confidence. Despite its fierce appearance, this item will gently hug your feet and feel extremely comfortable. This is, therefore, a great option for low-intensity to CrossFit exercises.

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  • Great reviews on comfort
  • Beautiful, unique design
  • Zoned rubber outsole for grip
  • Woven details for support 
  • Tongue construction for secured fit


  • Limited size range


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Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

This is undeniably one of the best cross training shoes for women. According to customer feedback, this model features amazing grips for rope climbing, increased stability for cardio and lifting sessions, and better durability to handle exercises that put stress on the upper tops.

These shoes have wider toe boxes than normal, meaning they are game-changing for women with wider feet. These toe boxes also facilitate natural movements and comfortable foot spreading during weight lifting, squats, or any related exercises. All in all, these shoes are the optimal choice for cross training. 


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  • Great for larger feet
  • High flexibility and efficient support
  • No hot spots, sloppy or break-in
  • Breathability, security, and durability
  • Minimal drop outsoles secure footing


  • The flat soles may irritate your feet 
  • May lack cushioning and arch support
  • The toe boxes might be too spacious


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ASICS Womens Mens Fitness/Cross-Training

When it comes to affordable training sneakers, ASICS is an outstanding name. The brand creates FlyteFoam technology to bring you exceptional bounce back and responsiveness, as well as mesh uppers to keep your feet cool and prevent bad odors. These shoes are breathable, flexible, and accommodate your feet perfectly.

Although the cushioning may not be as soft as it can be, it still feels airy and sufficiently supportive. Additionally, if you are prone to having a blister on your toe, we recommend you check out ASICS trainers!


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  • Beautiful colors
  • Fit true to size
  • Higher arches and cushier footbeds
  • “Walking on the clouds” feeling
  • Perfect for the neutral range to under-pronator/supinator type


  • Less cushion support
  • Less shock absorption


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Inov-8 Womens F-Lite 235 V3 

Ultimate Supernatural Cross Training Shoes – Lightweight and Flexible – Functional Performance Trainers for Gym and Weight Lifting

Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 V3 are among those brands that receive positive word-of-mouth, and they truly do not disappoint. They are so light that sometimes you feel like working out barefoot. Other than that, these shoes hold up to anything you throw at them, especially HIIT workouts or heavy lifting sessions – thanks to their durable construction and decent cushion.

They are also flexible enough for mobility drills and supportive enough for heavier lifts. In short, this is a top-notch product that can easily be anyone’s favorite!

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  • Incredibly light 
  • Great arch support
  • Resilient stretch and support
  • Heel lock for increased stability
  • Ideal for dynamic movements


  • The tongue may be too thin
  • Not for long-distance running


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RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe Trainer

In terms of the best cross training shoes for women, it is a huge mistake if we do not mention RYKA women’s influence trainers. This model has excellent pivot points that enable effortless turns and spins, thanks to the spin spot under big toe regions and bouncy soles. That is why these shoes are fabulous for indoor activities such as Zumba dance and aerobics-style exercises. 

Besides the pivot points, the patches in front also allow you to slide and do the side steps without hurting your knees. This product offers great support for lateral movements, ideal toe rooms, and sufficient stability.


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  • Design aesthetics
  • Impeccable aerobic shoes
  • Amazing heel and arch support
  • Well support flexible movements
  • Great pivot points and front patches


  • The size might be a bit small
  • Pretty firm shoe frame


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Things to consider prior to purchasing


As mentioned above, some shoes might be too loose or tight for your feet. Although the return process is simple, it is better to check reviews from previous customers to see if you should order up a size or a half.

Arch Support

Arch support is a crucial thing, whether you have high arches or flat feet. Normally, the former should pay close attention to cushioning, while the latter should opt for more neutral shoes.

Shock Absorption

If you are a fan of high-intensity exercises, shock absorption is a must for your knees and ankles protection.

For sufficient protection from shock, the heel and forefront of cross training shoes should have decent cushioning.


For activities that involve fast and flexible movements, you should have a shoe that supports those and allows you to move comfortably.


Overall, the design of cross training shoes should promote sufficient balance so that you don’t lose your equilibrium when doing squats or lifting weights.

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Above are some customer-approved sneakers for CrossFit training that every woman should know. For us, the best cross training shoes for women would be the Inov-8 Womens F-Lite 235 V3 – Ultimate Supernatural Cross Training Shoes. These are wonderful fitness trainers that give full support in any cross training sessions, but still bring protection to your feet and knees. The best thing about this model is it feels super lightweight that you almost forget you are wearing it. 

However, the other 4 can also be your perfect fit depending on your preferences. Just ponder our recommendations and who knows if you will end up discovering your ride or die.

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